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Just Engaged? 5+1 steps to plan your wedding!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

A 6 step guide with everything you need to know, and plan your wedding like a pro.

You got the ring, your parents' blessings and the screams of excitement from your friends. You wake up and realise YOU NOW HAVE A WHOLE WEDDING TO PLAN **deep breaths, it will all be ok** Paper and pen down, make a coffee, add some energy boost music & just follow these steps:

1. Discuss with your partner

Before you start researching venues and asking for quotations, have an honest discussion with your partner about... everything. Style of venue, desired location, maximum number of guests and most of all, budget. It is important to agree on everything before you look into options, because choices will be unlimited. If you tackle them with a plan, you will be able to narrow down your options very easily. This way also, you will be able to avoid arguements & tough discussions in front of vendors. Bear in mind, this the the part where 1/3 of the couples decide whether they will hire a wedding planner to assist them in their approach.

2. Venue Research

Scouting for venues takes about 40% of the whole process. First, make sure to reach out to locations that match your style. No really, no need to contact a beach restaurant if you cannot imagine yourself walking down the aisle without high heels, on the sand. When examining the quotations you will receive, make sure to take into consideration the price per person, potential venue hire fee, exclusivity fee, exclusive partners the venue may demand, location, etc. You can have a look on factors to consider when choosing a wedding venue here.

3. Make a ninja team of vendors.

Once you book the venue, it is the time to start building your star team. This timely order is important as great wedding vendors will ask for your confirmed date (which can change if your dream venue has not yet been confirmed) and may not have availability, even several months ahead. In addition, the layout and the size of the space may play an important role on the quotation DJs and decorateurs will provide. Allow your self some time to look into style, additional services they may offer and online reviews from happy clients.

4. Moving on with all the rest!

Now, take note...Decor, wedding cake, favors, wedding website, invitations & stationary, paperwork, wedding dress, wedding bands, wedding shoes, bridal make up/nails & hair. This is the next part future brides stress out and ask for the help of a wedding planner, as your planner can take up any of the tasks you need to pass on. Many, small details that add to perfection.They may look like they are a lot, but make a list and look into one by one. Friends will easily jump into and help along!

5. Logistics

Once everything seems checkmarked, you will realise that so many things need to be taken care of on the day. Someone will need to wash the cars that will transfer the groom and the bride, inform the stylist where they will be so they can be decored, someone will need to make sure the DJ has set up on time and per agreed layout and lighting, someone will have to bring the favors and place them on the tables, someone will need to let the venue know of the seating plan etc. A wedding planner can be hired just for this stage as a day coordinator, and make sure all your vendors execute per agreement and in a timely manner, in addition to taking care of small details and last minute issues. If you do not have a wedding planner, make sure to allocate each responsibility to your friends & family, so you do not have to stress out. Pro tip - assign someone to hold you phone and someone else to be the "bank" of the wedding. Outstanding balances of vendors are handled very often on the wedding day. No vendor wants to disturb the newly weds at the end of the night, when everyone is drunk, so make sure someone has envelopes to complete the payments during the day.

6. Just enjoy!

The last week before your wedding just make sure to relax, have rest and eat healthy. It's the perfect time to have a bachelorette spa, spend time with your family and be in a great mood, knowing that everything already set up.

Ready - Set - Wed!

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