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wedding planner with her dog

Our Story

Before Nymfee was created, I worked for several years as an events manager for wedding venues.  The following day of each wedding, I always made sure to have a quick chat with the couple.

Imagine this: While I brew coffee for them (kidding, it was usually a gin tonic at the after-wedding party), I ask what they wish they could change in the planning process.

     **Spoiler alert, it was never the investment they made on wedding planning.**

Turns out, their number one regret was how much importance was placed and stressed over tiny little details. They wish they knew in advance they would

…dance so much…

…take so many awkward polaroid & candid pictures…

…be hugged by their loved ones so tight…

…cry so many tears of laugher over the surprise video their best friend prepared…

They wish they had been prepared for being so genuinely happy, that eventually, they hadn’t even noticed the Pantone color of the sous plats (that was perfectly matched with the gold cutlery. And apparently, the choice of the perfect Pantone color for those sous plats had been debated over for weeks).

And so, Nymfee was created.


Founder & Lead Wedding Planner

Our Mentality

You most probably have already done some research on wedding planning and realized that, hey! This is going to be a full-time job.

Well, your only important task at this stage is to match yourself with a planner that has the same vibes as you.


Have you smiled at a light breeze of wind by the sea, enjoying the sunset colors and just feel at place? This is what we have in mind when we inspect venues.


Have you dipped your feet in the sand while enjoying a perfectly cold cocktail? This is what we have in mind when we design ceremonies.


Have you lost yourself in the party lights, while singing your favorite songs with your loved ones? This is what we have in mind when we set the scene for parties.


But most importantly, we help you focus on the most valued aspects of your wedding (like how much your brother in law is allowed to drink. And Pantone colors of course, but no one will be able to remember the Pantone when there is a video of your brother in law karaoking.)

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bride below an arch on the beach
Our Experience

Please, do not let the fun part of us seduce you. We are not just pleasant to work with, we also know what we are doing.

As professionals, we have been creating events (the very "serious" type like corporate, media, conferences, and special occasion celebrations) since 2008.


In 2016 a beautiful plot twist brought us to the wedding industry, and this has been the “happily ever after” career point. But a degree in Wedding Planning from the New York Institute of Art and Design, I guess is an asset :)

This is exactly how wedding planning should be. Personal. Customized. Unique. Professional with a pinch of crazy.

Enjoy the wedding planning ride!

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